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Physio Stim – TENS + EMS

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Phsyio Stim is a Advance Combo unit of TENS + EMS including 24 Modes of TENS and 8 Modes of EMS with 2 adjustable program of TENS and EMS with adjustable Pulse width from 50μs to 500μs, Adjustable Frequency from 2Hz to 500 Hz & Adjustable working time:5 – 90 minutes. 


7,500.00 8,000.00

It is A Combo Unit of TENS & EMS. It is the most selling tens unit in Pakistan. it easy to use and exclusively available at Physio Shop Lahore at economical price.
🔥Powerful Combo Unit that can be operated with battery as well as with Charger.
📢 First Portable Combo unit in Pakistan with 1-500μs pulse width and 1-500Hz frequency range.

Products Feature

  1. Dual outputs provides simultaneous treatment for 2 persons or different targeted areas.
  2. 24 fixed TENS programs,  8 fixed EMS programs
  3. 2 Adjustable TENS programs and  2 adjustable EMS from 1-500 μs/Hz
  4. 1-500μs pulse width and 1-500Hz frequency range
  5. Time adjustable up to 90 min while Intensity adjustable from 1-60mA
  6. Therapy memory( (used program and time) for 200 records;
  7. Unit can operate with 9V alkaline,  8.4V  NiMh rechargeable battery or with #charger.
  8. The cable ends need plugs for self-adhesive electrodes ( 2.00 mm pin )
  9. Intensity lock for preventing accidental intensity increase while unit is kept in pocket or on a belt.
  10. LC Display  / CE Label  /  Keylock  / Belt clip  /  Clock signal   /  Auto shutdown feature.
TENS Function
1. Relieve arthritis pain and nerve pain.
2. Rehabilitation and treatment of post-operative pain.
3. Relieve post-traumatic pain and sciatica pain.
4. Relieve joint pain, chronic intractable pain.
5. Relieve Lumbar disc protrusion pain.
6. Relief pain in the back, knees, shoulder, ankles, wrists, elbows, etc.
7. Eliminate inflammation and physical fatigue caused by long-term work.​
EMS Function Suitable for sportspeople: Pre-training warming up and Post-training recovery (Endurance/Maximum strength/Explosive Strength/Toning).
1. Retarding or preventing muscle atrophy.
2. Relax muscle spasm and reduce muscle soreness.
3. Increase muscle growth and increase local blood circulation.​

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